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"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring."

-George Santayana

Scaleless since 25th of August.

Hi, there! ♥ I'm Cee your average phd student in computer science and this is my happy blog. I love running, peace and my research.

I'm a weird girl. Sometimes I'm calm and collected, sometimes I'm my polar opposite. My hobbies are reading and running.

In the remaining time I put neon flowers in my hair and I wear
shiny unicorn-earrings. Ok, sometimes I do science, sometimes I'm in love with my research. Sometimes it feels like torture.

My social skills are work-in-progress. (Extending social circle with non-fictional, non TV show characters is challenging.)

what's the blog about: I post & reblog everything that makes me happy including cute puppies, running howto-s, inspiring role models, soul-warmers for bad days, recovery, my travel experiences, happierme challenges, some important-serious issues, personal shinings and ultimate science surprises.

If you've any questions about my journey or engineering schools or the matter of life or you just want to talk to some silly unicorn, my ask is always open. ♥

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My personal experience has been positive. I think the attitudes of the school and the professors make up a huge part of shaping the student culture. Where you are and where you go will make a big difference, and this is about university and jobs in general, so do your research! You can…

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Tip for marathon: take three step, A celebrate it! Do again until complete 26 mile! Very easy, donot forget hoorays!
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